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November 2012

You can also view an obituary for Conrad Wilson at Hot Springs Funeral Home.

Section: Arkansas - Obituaries

Conrad Wilson passed away on October 15, 2012. A founder of the Stardust Big Band, they dedicated their performance on Sunday, November 4, dance/concert to Conrad, who was an improvisational/ jazz trumpeter. The event was held at the Arlington Resort Hotel, in Hot Springs, Arkansas.

After a career that spanned 7 decades, Conrad Wilson is one of inductees for the 2012 Arkansas Jazz Heritage Foundation Hall of Fame. Conrad was a consistent guide for the Stardust Big Band for 30 years, performing for hundreds of fans and mentoring dozens of trumpet students who performed as substitutes in the trumpet section.

In 1981 Conrad and other big band music musicians formed the Stardust Band that later morphed into the Stardust Big Band. He was honored as the last founding member still active as a musician at the June 2012 dance.

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