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April 1992 - Circo Verde Press Release

On April 20th (1992) Monday Jazz at the Oyster Bar, 3003 West Markham will present Lee Tomboulian's CIRCO VERDE, a latin-based pop band, performing exciting, extremely rhythmic music of Brazil, Uruguay, and Cuba.

Regionally famous keyboardist Lee Tomboulian is the leader of the band. Lee can be heard all over the area performing a wide variety of music from the White Album Project, the Staggering Prophets (with Gunbunny Chris Maxwell), and Little Jack Melody with his Young Turks (from Denton, Texas), to accompanying various national jazz artists, such as Eddie Harris, Jimmy Witherspoon, and Nat Adderley.

CIRCO VERDE is, however, his baby, specializing in the music that is closest to his heart and soul, including a large number of his lyrical compositions. The band has been on hiatus since last summer, allowing for his many diverse projects, from Mad River Theater Works in Ohio to the aforementioned groups, as well as his Premiere Wedding Band, formed early this spring to provide the paragon of entertainment for wedding receptions.

CIRCO VERDE's rhythm section has Steve Chapman on drums, Johnny Glover on congas, timbales, and percussion, and Steve Black on bass. They set a solid foundation for Lee's high-energy keyboard work on synths and accordion. Lee's going to be stepping out with more vocals this time, in English and Portuguese. Dan Peterson is lead guitarist in the band, lending his wonderful sustained, melodic sound to the group. Betty Elkins will be singing in her unique stylized way in English and Portugese, with an occasional Brazilian scat and playing her newly acquired acoustic-electric Takemine guitar on a few selections featuring the music of Milton Nascimento. Some of the other composers featured include Toninho Horta, Hugo Fattoruso, and Hermeto Pascoal.

Altogether, this group of Little Rock's finest players, creates a sound that elicits a kinetic response from each and every member of the audience.

The band will play two long sets, beginning at 8:00 pm Monday night at The Oyster Bar. Cover charge is $5.

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