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1991? - Nightflying Column (Ampside Chat) - Nightflying 10th Anniversay
by Lee Tomboulian

Ulp! Nightflying is ten years old? Let's see, how old does that make me? And, who's Roger?

It's hard to write a commemorative piece without sounding sappy or maudlin, so I won't. I'll just admit Peter is an old friend. I am reminded of that every time I bring an article in late, which is every time I bring in one, when he cheerfully invites me in for a cup of coffee, declining to shoot me.

Another thing about Peter -- he's a visionary. No one in Arkansas has done more to pretend, and help others pretend, that there is a Music Business in Arkansas.

Of course there is, but few can tell, when it's compared with more meaningful enterprises, like poultry or football. Peter chose to light a single candle, but managed not to burn down the office.

Most would agree if Peter were sane, he'd be into computers or something for a living, instead of waiting patiently for grown men to bring in handwritten humorous articles and stuff. No, he must strive to help musicians in Arkansas, and though some of us enjoy our obscurity, Peter, by shining a gentle spotlight on us, keeps us accountable to the public, alternately wonderful and infuriating though it may be. And accountable to ourselves....

Above that, he is a friend that will support, with vigor, any cause he deems worthy. His work behind the scenes to produce Arkansan recorded product is starting to bare fruit, though which projects I'm forbidden to reveal. He's kind of the Liz Taylor of Arkansas Music, only she's still prettier than he. "I'll bet she doen't wear as nice a blue bathrobe," says Roger. "How many businesses take such a personal interest in their clients as Peter, and not just the female clients? (Sorry..)" I mean, Peter will help, if he likes your music, and even if he doesn't, he wants to. And that is rare, in a business where so often egos prevent people from seeing life's real deal. "So, remember, folks, if you need to network, Peter can put you in touch. Just don't call before noon. "

I'm sure I'm embarassing him. Too bad.

We in Arkansas music owe him a lot.

As of this writing, I'm looking forward to the Anniversary Bash. If it's like last year's, I'm sure that I'll have to use my decibel-reducing rangeshoot earmuffs to deal with the big joyful noise, a celebration of individuality and community, a sound of thirty people jamming at once. We'll all have a blast, but Peter (thanks to his vision) will be in heaven, bent over his piano taking in the bizarre collage of noise from all his pals.

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